CI with GitHub Actions for Ember Apps: Part 2

2020 has been a tough, frail year. Last week, I joined many people who were laid off. Still I’m grateful for the good things that came out like Dreamland and CI with GitHub Actions for Ember Apps.

With GitHub Actions, I cut down CI runtimes for work projects to 3-4 minutes (with lower variance and more tests since March). I also noticed more and more Ember projects switching to GitHub Actions so I felt like a pioneer.

Today, I want to patch my original post and cover 3 new topics:

  • How to migrate to v2 actions
  • How to lower runtime cost
  • How to continuously deploy (with ember-cli-deploy)

I will assume that you read Part 1 and are familiar with my workflow therein. Towards the end, you can find new workflow templates for Ember addons and apps.

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